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I started collecting beer glasses about 24 years ago (2000). At first I was just collecting them on general shopping trips, but as time went on I went out with the intention of hunting them down.

My glass collection is made up of glasses from around the world with the bulk coming from England, Germany and Belgium.

The collection contains the following types of glasses...
 Bitter, Lager, Stout and Cider in various different sizes.

The glasses are mainly obtained from charity shops, car boot sales and visits to breweries.

I have listed all my glasses by Country and then by Brewery alphabetically.

However! I would ask you to visit regularly because the pages are updated
each time a new glass is added to the collection.

If you like what you have seen (or not!!!) please leave your comments and
suggestions in my guestbook.

I thank you most sincerely for visiting my site, and hope you have enjoyed
looking at the collection.


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